Golden Dome Award

The Golden Dome Award, is presented to an alumna whose efforts through continuous service and resultant achievement have advanced Marymount College as an institution.

2014 Recipient: Joan Chapman Cooney, MC '44

Joan Chapman Cooney was born in Denver and was raised in Boise, Idaho, where she attended Saint Teresa's Academy, a Sisters of the Holy Cross institution. Her parents made frequent business trips to New York City, which influenced their decision to send their daughter to Marymount College in 1940.

Chapman Cooney majored in art and well remembers the World War II era at school—restricted heating and rationed food—but her happiest memories are of her classmates, the devoted sisters, and the professors. In 1944, her senior year, she was president of the student council.

Upon graduation, Chapman Cooney joined the family mercantile business in Idaho, and volunteered at St. Alphonus Hospital in Boise. In 1948, she married Thomas Cooney of Yonkers, New York. Life took them to San Francisco, where Chapman Cooney studied Asian art for three years, taught by professors from the University of California. Following these studies, she served as a volunteer docent for 25 years at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Other activities included fundraising for a residence for retired priests of Idaho, and helping to build a library for Bishop Kelly High School in Boise. Chapman Cooney is a lady of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and has made numerous trips to the Holy Land, to Rome, and around the world.

"I am deeply touched and deeply honored to receive the Golden Dome Award," she says. "My thanks to the Marymount College Alumnae Association."

Her niece, Elizabeth Cooney D'Errico, '85, accepted the award on behalf of Joan Chapman Cooney, who was unable to attend the ceremony.

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