Gloria Gaines Memorial Award

The Gloria Gaines Memorial Award, the highest alumna honor, is given to an alumna for service to one's church, community, and the College.

2016 Recipient: Jane Bartnett ’76

Jane Bartnett is serving her second term as president of the Marymount Alumnae Board of Fordham University. She has been an active Marymount Alumnae Board member for ten years and was instrumental in developing many alumnae activities and programs. As president of the Marymount Alumnae Board, Jane works closely with Marymount alumnae, major donors, the RSHM, as well as senior-level Fordham University staff. She was particularly prepared to represent Marymount within the Fordham University community since she spent her junior year at Fordham College at Rose Hill as a visiting student.

During her tenure as the Marymount Alumnae Board’s president, Jane has done much to strengthen Marymount’s legacy. She and her fellow officers, Jean Wynn and Mary Donohue, created the annual Mother Butler Leadership Award, presented annually to an RSHM organization that is working to better the lives of all people. Under Jane’s direction, the Marymount Legacy Fund, an endowed fund created nine years ago to celebrate the centennial of Marymount College,has grown to nearly $800,000. She and the board have also increased outreach and strengthened communications with Marymount alumnae around the nation through social media. Following her 1976 graduation from Marymount, Jane attended American University and became active in Marymount alumnae activities in Washington, D.C.

After earning her Master of Public Administration degree, Jane began her communications career as a producer at ABC News in Washington, D.C. She went on to serve as a member of the national press advance team during the 1984 presidential campaign before returning to New York City. Back in New York, she remained involved with the local Marymount community and moved into the public relations field. She worked for two of New York City’s most prominent public relations firms, Rubenstein Associates and Porter Novelli, and later launched her own public relations firm, where she represented both national and regional organizations. Jane is currently advising one of the city’s largest children’s charities on their communications efforts.

An active member of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church in Point Lookout, New York, Jane is also committed to supporting the RSHM. Her late husband, John
Galvin, whom she lost last year, graduated from Fordham College at Rose Hill in 1970. Jane is a highly valued leader, a generous donor, and a caring member of the
Marymount and Fordham community. 

Past Recipients

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1988 Eugenie Fleri Doyle, M.D., ’43
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  • 1990 Mary-Elizabeth Fahy, ’68
    1991 Audrey Kathleen Gallucci, Ph.D.,’49
    1992 Eileen Santangello Hult, ’67
    1993 Jane Harris Feakins, ’43
    1994 Catherine Mitchell Beltz, ’54
    1995 Margo White Doran, ’75
    1996 Alice Frauenheim Foley, ’41
    1997 Maureen Wilson Saab, ’62
    1998 Rosemary McCabe Travis, ’63
    1999 Brigid Driscoll, R.S.H.M., Ph.D.
    2000 Margaret Kelly McMahon, ‘50
    2001 Elaine Violyn Luzine, ‘56
    2002 Patricia Mahoney Dempsey, ‘77
    2003 Gladys Ferguson Gress, Ed. D.,  ‘78
    2004 Margaret Smedley,  Ph.D., ’59
    2005 Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary
    2006 Joyce Onorato Abamont, J.D., ’66
    2007 Helen J. Kelly, ’63
    2008 Beatrice Smith Dinger, ‘63
    2009 Patricia Cole, ’74
    2010 Ellen Marie Keane, R.S.H.M., Ph.D., ’60
    2011 Rita O’Shaughnessy Arno, ‘91
    2012 Margaret Ellen Flannelly, R.S.H.M., Ph.D., ’57
    2013 Kate Gilmartin Duggan, ‘63
    2014 Anne M. Slattery, ‘69
    2015 Mary J. Donohue, ‘79
    2016 Jane Bartnett, ’76