How to Start an Alumni Chapter

New chapters should have at least 100 alumni living or working in the area. Each new chapter will require 18 months to one year of development after which it will be eligible to host a Regional Reception.*

  • Local events must be run entirely by the alumni chapter with minimal support from the Office of Alumni Relations (OAR).
  • There must be continuous and effective communication among the chapter leaders.
  • There must be continuous and effective communication between the chapter leaders and OAR.
  • The chapter must hold one kickoff event and at least two additional events that are well organized, well communicated, and well attended.
  • The chapter must be self-sufficient and self-sustaining.

* A Regional Reception is an event hosted by OAR with assistance from the local chapter leaders. OAR will subsidize a portion of the cost and handle the marketing and promotion of the event. OAR will provide an appropriate keynote speaker (the Fordham University president or other University official).

If we do not currently have a Fordham alumni chapter in your area and you are interested in starting one, please contact Ainsley Kelley, at

Think about how you can make a difference in our area—and join us!

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