Task Forces

The Advisory Board members are currently divided into three task forces. 

Events and Networking

This Task Force is looking at the events we currently offer to alumni and considering some new ones.

*Auditing the events we offer and seeing what might be missing
*Discussing better ways to access information about upcoming events
*Planning an alumni service project
*Planning a "wear maroon" social media campaign 

Lifelong Learning

This Task Force is currently trying to make the Lifelong Learning opportunities we offer more accessible to alumni.
*Auditing the lifelong learning opportunities we offer and seeing what might be missing, eliminated, or streamlined
*Meeting with university administrators to discuss the current lifelong learning opportunities and how to make it easier for alumni to participate in them
*Creating a survey to get feedback from alumni on their lifelong learning needs


This Task Force is currently looking at the different areas that affect reputation and how to present Fordham in the best way.
*Auditing the different ways Fordham uses advertising and marketing
*Considering the variety of audiences Fordham appeals to
*Talking to alumni about their impressions of Fordham
*Looking into improving on-campus customer service
*Attending events and reporting back how the experience affects Fordham's reputation

If you are interested in joining one of the above Task Forces, please contact Sara Hunt Munoz to learn more.