Mentor a Student

The Fordham Mentoring Program (FMP) offers alumni the opportunity to share their advice and experience, putting Fordham students on the path to success.

Students gain valuable insights through:

  • Resume reviews
  • On-site workplace visits
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking receptions
  • Skill development workshops
Apply Schedule

Applications are currently open to students and mentors.

The Fordham Mentoring Team pairs undergraduate students one-on-one with alumni who provide professional expertise and career advice over the course of a year-long program.

At the beginning of the fall semester, student and alumni participants are carefully matched based on commonalities in their personal and professional profiles.

Throughout the program, mentors and mentees communicate and meet regularly based on the terms of their Mentor-Mentee Covenant, an agreement tailored to their mentoring relationship. In addition to these individual interactions, pairs attend four milestone events hosted throughout the year and regularly assess their progress through online Checkpoint Surveys. Learn more about the program and the matching process.

Mentoring Fordham students is a great way to reconnect with the University and to give back, in a tangible and personalized way. Seeing your mentees grow before your eyes is as exciting as it is rewarding. These are relationships that will last for years. Chris Gulotta, FCLC '82, LAW '88, Alumni Mentor 2008-Present

Read the stories of some of our mentors and mentees below and see photos from our last event here.




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