Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a part of the Fordham University Alumni Association?

All individuals who have completed one semester in good standing are automatically members of Fordham's University-wide alumni association. No annual dues are charged. 

How is the Advisory Board selected?

The current board was appointed based on recommendations from the University community. In the future, the executive committee, the executive director, and the secretary will be charged with appointing new board members.  

What is the structure of the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board members serve a maximum of four years in that role. They may be elected to an executive committee position where they would serve a two-year term. In this role they can be re-elected for a second term. 

Executive Committee members serve two-year terms and may be elected for a second term.

The new chair of the Executive Committee will be elected from the existing three vice chairs.

How often does the board meet?

 2-4 meetings are planned each year. Board members are also encouraged to attend university events throughout the year.

I am not a member of the board but want to get involved. 

The board has formed several goal-oriented task forces that alumni are able to join. Please contact Sara Hunt Munoz at for additional information.