Marymount Legacy Fund

  • Preserve the Marymount name and tradition of excellence.
  • Prepare women for leadership roles in a rapidly changing society.
  • Provide scholarships to young women who embody the spirit of Marymount and its values in learning.
Support the Legacy Fund

The Marymount Alumnae Association established the Marymount Legacy Fund, an endowed scholarship at Fordham University, in recognition of the Centennial of Marymount College in 2007 and to honor the alumnae, faculty, staff, and R.S.H.M. of Marymount.

The Marymount Legacy Fund is designed to support young women who:

  • Embody the Marymount spirit through learning and leadership;
  • Have a family affiliation with any of the Marymount secondary schools or colleges; and
  • Demonstrate financial need and academic merit;

The goal of the fund is to support as many talented and deserving young women as possible. As of the last academic year (2013-2014), eight deserving recipients were each awarded the $5,000 scholarship.

The Marymount Alumnae Association aims to raise $1 million for the Marymount Legacy Fund. To date over $700,000 has been contributed by alumnae and friends.

Marymount College had a profound effect on its graduates. Through support of the fund, Marymount alumnae carry on the mission of its founders in the R.S.H.M. by helping promising young women of today.

Interested Fordham students can apply through the Office of Student Financial Services.

Current Recipients:

Georgia Pullis, FCRH '18
Mary Morrison, FCRH '19

Past Recipients:

In 2007, Shannon Sweeney, FCRH ’09, was the first to receive the scholarship. She began her college career at Marymount and went on to graduate from Fordham.
Dominique McKoy, FCRH ’09, a Marymount student who also went on to Fordham, was the second awardee in 2008.

In 2010 and 2011, Shannon Tierney, FCRH ’12, daughter of Myra Manger Tierney, MC ’79, was the scholarship recipient.

By 2012 the fund had grown significantly, and we made the first of two yearly scholar- ship awards to twin sisters Elizabeth and Suzanne Carter, FCRH ’13, cousins of Carol
Caulfield, MC ’63.

Katherine Watts, FCRH ’14, niece of Margaret Mary Marino, MC ’84, and Camille Danielich, FCRH ’16, niece of Erica Danjelic, MC ’64, were our awardees in 2013.

In 2014 and in the 2015–2016 academic year, Camille Danielich, FCRH ’16, and Christina Dowe, FCRH ’16, were the two awardees.

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