Hall of Fame Roster

The Fordham University Military and New York City Army Reserve Officer Corps Hall of Fame is established to recognize the achievements of Fordham University veterans and graduates of Fordham University’s Army Reserve Officer Training Corps who exemplify the ideal of men and women in service to others. 
General John M. Keane


Major General Richard S. Colt
Captain Christopher J. O’Sullivan
General Colin L Powell
Colonel Ralph A. Ranald
Lieutenant Colonel Vincent M. Russo

William J. Burke. Sr.
Brigadier General William J. Fiorentino
Major General Thomas P. Maguire, Jr.
Rev. Joseph A. O’Hare, SJ
Brevet Brigadier General James R. O’Beirne

Lieutenant Vincent R. Capodanno
Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ
Michael J. Handy
Second Lieutenant Robert J. Jeanette
Lieutenant Colonel Robert F. Kerr


Major General Francis T. Donohue
Colonel Phillip J. Hoblin, Jr.
Major General Robert E. Linhard
Second Lieutenant Herbert G. Squiers
Rev. Daniel J. Sullivan, SJ
Major Alford J. Williams, Jr.

Colonel Ronald P. Bernasconi
Colonel Edward M. Jentz
Master Sergeant Edward M. Murray
Sergeant First Class Alfred F. Torrisi
Second Lieutenant Angelo F. Torrisi
Second Lieutenant Carl C. Torrisi

Ensign Johnny W. Bach
Colonel Frank A. Jenkins
Major Charles F. Kuhlmann
Lieutenant Robert A. La Sala
Brigadier General Guy L. Sands-Pingot

Colonel Robert E. Hilder
First Lieutenant Dominic Ternan, O.F.M.
Major General Charles J. Timmes
Colonel Edward H. Winkler

Colonel Daniel J. Cremin
First Lieutenant Frank Cesare Deusebio
Colonel William D. McGuth
Major General Michael J. Scotti, Jr.

Major General Clarence R. Edwards
Colonel James A. Kelly
Colonel Leo J. O’Keefe
Major General David F. Wherley, Jr.

Colonel Aubrey R. Merrill
Colonel William F. Daly
Colonel Edward T. Fortunado
Lieutenant Colonel Robert W. Rodriguez

Colonel Joseph J. Collins
Major General David S. Elmo
Colonel Leon S. Inge
Major Paul B. Morgan


Sergeant Erik P. Aass
William V. Catucci
Colonel Lawrence T. Daly


Staff Sergeant Robert C. Murray
Brigadier General Richard M. O’Meara
Captain Francis J. Proto
Colonel Victor B. Rodriguez
Captain Andrew P. O’Rourke

First Lieutenant Dennis E. Logue
Lieutenant Colonel Richard J. Rinaldo
Commander Phyllis Zagano

Colonel Philip J. Conran
Lieutenant Colonel Michael K. Hoblin
Colonel Howard J. T. Steers