Fordham Club: Letters

Update from Maura Mast, PhD, Dean, Fordham College at Rose Hill

In my inaugural year as dean of Fordham College at Rose Hill, I’ve very much enjoyed working with this outstanding group of seniors.

This past year, the Fordham Club has organized campus events on important issues and have helped me understand the student perspective. And, following the philosophy that membership in the Fordham Club doesn’t end at graduation, this group of students also worked hard to build connections with Fordham Club alumni.

This newsletter and connected webpage is one example of their creative thinking and dedication to building connections—I hope you enjoy reading them. And I hope to see you at Jubilee this year, where we will have a special Fordham Club gathering.


Maura Mast, PhD
Dean, Fordham College at Rose Hill

Update from Loretta Malloy, President, Fordham Club

This past year I was happy to serve as president of the Class of 2016 Fordham Club. In my role as president, I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with 29 of the most dedicated and passionate members of Fordham College at Rose Hill, all of whom made my job significantly easier. 
At our official induction ceremony, we democratically decided upon four topics/issues that would be the focus of our Fordham Club subcommittees for the year. These four topics were chosen because we felt they posed the greatest challenge to FCRH students’ academic and daily life. 

The Career Services subcommittee was created to assist liberal arts and science students find internships and job opportunities within their industry through industry-specific career panels.

  • The Bronx Outreach/Campus Culture subcommittee wished to initiate a dialogue on campus about race and aimed to inform students about the history of the Bronx and Fordham’s role in the community.
  • The Mental Health Awareness subcommittee was created with the intent to further efforts on campus, in conjunction with Counseling and Psychological Services, to remove the stigma associated with mental health. This subcommittee was a continuation of the 2015 Fordham Club Mental Health Awareness subcommittee, and helped sponsor Mental Health Awareness week in April 2016.
  • The Alumni Outreach subcommittee was formed with the intent to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience that lies within the vast Fordham Club alumni network, and to re-engage alumni with current members.

Throughout the fall 2015 and spring 2016 semesters, each subcommittee worked tirelessly to accomplish their goals—through Spark Lunches with notable professors, by hosting outside speakers to incite thought-provoking conversations among students, and in many other ways.

In February, current Fordham Club members were given the opportunity to meet with Fordham Club alumni at a Meet the Dean event hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations. This provided current members with the opportunity to network with club alumni, and also allowed these alumni to meet Dean Mast, the new dean of Fordham College Rose Hill. This event was a great success, and I hope to see many Fordham Club events joining current members and alumni together in the future.

All in all, serving as president of the Fordham Club was a very rewarding experience, and I can look back on this leadership role and countless other great memories at Fordham as a testament to the wonderful, nurturing community that exists here Fordham.


Loretta Malloy, FCRH ’16