Fordham Club

The identity of the Fordham Club is three-fold: an honor society, a co-ed fraternity, and an advisory group. As an honor society and a fraternity, the Fordham Club unites dedicated and motivated seniors during their final year and stipulates continuing loyalty to Fordham in years to come. As an advisory group, members provide important formal channels of student-administration communication and consultation.

The Fordham Club Alumni Chapter was established to foster fellowship among Fordham University graduates who were members of the Fordham Club, and to support the club’s tradition of the Rose Hill campus. 

The Fordham Club is a new alumni affinity chapter, so we’re in the process of selecting our officers now. If you’re interested in applying, please email Shannon Hirrel at We ask that you submit a one-paragraph explanation for why you would like to become an officer and what qualities you would bring to the position. 

Available officer opportunities include president, vice president, communications chair, and special events coordinator.

Click here to read the Affinity Chapter Handbook and learn more about the positions.

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