Tod Talk


In April I had the pleasure of being a panelist for the MMAA's Annual Mentoring Round Table. Once a year, we get past Mimes together to talk to students about how their careers evolved after Fordham, and how their experiences with the Mimes helped them. This year we were joined by Emmy Award-winning TV producer David Keppes, FCRH ’63, and casting director Maribeth Fox, FCRH ’02, whose company has won an Emmy award. [BREAK HERE] They greatly entertained us with their circuitous and joyful journey from the Collins stage to career success.

Some of us discovered our true calling as artists and makers in Collins (myself included), and others used the Mimes journey to guide them and help them on different paths. But we all agreed that our Mimes experience has, and always will, enrich our journey onward.

Earlier this year, three of my close friends from the Mimes, who had initially pursued careers outside the arts but have now retired or are going through professional transitions, asked me to help them get back to their acting roots. Each phone call or email thrilled me and crystallized something I have always believed: It is never too late to return to the theater. It may be the only business where age does not matter! 

We all discovered magic, love, acceptance, and lifelong friendships in Collins. So during the wonderful lazy days of summer, as you ponder and daydream, I encourage you to look back over those great days with the Mimes. Where did they lead you?

Whether it's by coming back to see a show during the Mimes’ upcoming season, or getting back to doing the things you loved during your Mimes days, just remember: You absolutely can go home again.

Have a great summer,
Tod Engle, FCRH ’79
MMAA Vice President

Members of the MMAA at our Cabaret at Rose Hill, April, 2017.