Reunion FAQ

Q - How do I register for the reunion?

A - Click here to register for your reunion. You can also find a full schedule of events and a Jubilee FAQ section on this page. 

Q - What procedures are in place for letting people know about reunion?

A - Marymount reunion brochures will be mailed in March.  

The reunion information is also posted on the Fordham/Marymount web pages. We (Marymount board) have been promoting the reunion actively year-round on the FB pages. We talk about it at Founders Day and every other chance we get!  Our promotional efforts include: the bi-monthly Marymount Board President's letter (from me), the bi-monthly letter from the Marymount Chaplain (Sr. Mary Heyser), and our Marymount Facebook page. These letters are staggered so that mine comes out one month and her letter appears the next month...They are sent by e-mail and we post those letters on the Marymount Facebook page as well.

Q - Who is in charge of promoting and coordinating reunion?  

A - At Fordham, Michaela Shank is in charge of putting the annual reunions together. She is the Fordham "point person."  On the Marymount board, Teresita Krueger has taken on the role of managing the reunion classes. 

Q - Who lets people know about the events? Who is the Fordham point person?

A -  Click here to find a full list of events. The Fordham "point person" is Michaela Shank - in the Fordham alumni office. She reports to Michael Griffin, the VP for Alumni Relations. The Marymount Alumnae Board promotes the events throughout the year in every way that we can with our communications to alumnae!

Q - Who collects the money for reunion?

A - Fordham collects the money for reunion.  The payments may be made electronically when you register online. 

Q - Who sets up the events in Tarrytown?

A - The Marymount board sets up the Tarrytown events on Sunday. The day's offerings for this year will include:

11:00 a.m. Mass at the Marymount Convent (32 Warren Avenue, Tarrytown, NY 10591)
12:30 p.m. Brunch* at Education First, the former Marymount Campus (100 Marymount Avenue, Tarrytown, NY 10591) 
1:30 p.m. Tour of campus

*Free parking on the EF/ former Marymount campus for our alumnae

Q -  How will people know about the Tarrytown Events?

A -  The Sunday Tarrytown events are included on the printed brochure (mailing in March). The Sunday Tarrytown visit has also been reported in my letter to alumnae, by Sr. Mary in her letter to alumnae, and, it has been posted on the Marymount Facebook page. 

Q - What office at Fordham does all of this?

A - All of the Marymount reunion activities are coordinated through the Fordham Office of Alumni Relations.