Nonprofit Leadership Alumni Chapter

The Fordham Center for Nonprofit Leaders Alumni Chapter was founded by members of the 2015 inaugural Masters of Science in Nonprofit Leadership cohort, and formally organized post-graduation. The alumni chapter aims to provide opportunities for networking, community service and professional and educational development. All Master of Science Nonprofit Leadership alumni are invited to attend these events.

To get involved, email Chair Judith Douglas, GSS-GSB '15 at


The Networking Committee plans events to provide a social opportunity to bring members together. 

The Service Committee gives members an opportunity to volunteer together while maintaining a spirit of service and engagement in the community. 

The Professional/Educational Development Committee  facilitates continuous growth, learning and knowledge sharing among members and experienced professionals. 

To join a planning committee, please email

Executive Committee

Judith Douglas, GSS-GSB '15,Chair

Aileen Dibra, GSS-GSB '15, Secretary

Dawn Heyward, GSS-GSB '15, Treasurer 

Roosevelt Smith, GSS-GSB '15, Social Media Communication

Ann-Marie Grant, GSS-GSB '15

Stephanie Francis, GSS-GSB '15