Men's Glee Club and Ramblers Alumni Chapter

The Fordham University Ramblers are a male student vocal ensemble dedicated to the preservation and performance of both traditional and non-traditional vocal ensemble music. The Ramblers form the oldest active club at Fordham University and have been spreading glee and song on and off the Rose Hill Campus since 1893. The Men's Glee Club and Ramblers Alumni Chapter is dedicated to preserving the legacy of song on the Rose Hill campus.

Pictures from the recent reunion.

For more information about the chapter, email Stan Pruszynski.


  • President: Stan Pruszynski, FCRH '73
  • Steering Committee:
    Gary Fisher, GSB '10 
    Grant Glidden, FCRH '08 
    Brian Horwath, FCRH '73 
    Norbert Langer, FCRH '71 
    Tom Schnurr, FCRH '10