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Rules and Regulations

At Fordham University, we recognize that our boosters are strong supporters of our athletics teams and wish to assist us in as many ways as possible. However, NCAA legislation mandates that boosters not be involved in any aspect of the recruiting process. The areas that are restricted include all of the following listed below and apply to the prospect, prospect's parents/legal guardian(s) and relatives.

Any gifts (e.g., clothing, special discounts, tickets to events, loans ,or arrangement of loans or any other items) to prospects or their relatives are prohibited. Providing transportation for a prospect, prospect's relatives, or friends is strictly prohibited.

A booster may not pick up transcripts, film, or any other information pertaining to the prospect's ability. Boosters may observe a prospect's athletics contest, but may have no contact with the prospect or their relatives, coach, principal, or counselor.

Before the completion of a prospect's senior year in high school, any such employment by or arranged through a booster is prohibited. Upon graduation a prospect can be employed as long as the compensation is for work actually performed and at the rate commensurate with experience (provided that they have signed the National Letter of Intent and the Compliance Office is aware of the employment).

Pre-existing Relationships:
As an athletics representative, it is permissible to continue established friendships with families who have prospects or enrolled student-athletes (e.g., backyard barbecues, picnics). You simply cannot encourage a prospect's participation in Fordham athletics or provide benefits to a student-athlete.

Things Boosters MAY do:

Boosters who are established friends or neighbors of a prospect may have contact with the recruit as long as they do not try to recruit the prospect on behalf of an institution and such contacts are not made at the direction of an institution's coaching staff.

A booster may have contact with a recruit to discuss summer job arrangements only after the recruit has signed a National Letter of Intent or an institution's written offer of financial aid and/or admission.

A booster may have incidental contact with a prospect (e.g., not prearranged by the athletics department) as long as no recruitment occurs. Any contact made at the prospect's practice or game is not considered incidental and is prohibited.

A booster may speak to a prospect by telephone only if the prospect initiates the conversation and the call is not for recruiting purposes. A prospect's questions about athletics must be referred to the athletics department.

A booster may view a prospect's athletics contest on his or her own initiative, but the booster still cannot have contact with the prospect.

Things Boosters MAY NOT do:

A booster may not have face-to-face contact with prospects or their parents, legal guardian(s), or relatives to encourage them to enroll at an institution.

A booster may not telephone or write to prospects or their parents, legal guardians(s), or relatives to encourage them to enroll at an institution.

A booster may not pick up films or transcripts relating to a prospect at the recruit's high school or junior college.

A booster may not contact a prospect's counselor, principal, or coach in an attempt to evaluate the recruit.

Special Note Regarding Team Banquets/Gatherings for Alumni:

Team banquets/gatherings (e.g., a preseason kickoff alumni dinner or alumni day) involving student athletes, alumni, head coaches, and administrators are permissible, provided the following is in place:

  • Where alcohol is served, access to and consumption of alcohol shall be strictly prohibited for student-athletes.
  • Attendance is restricted for prospective student-athletes on official visits to the University. 

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